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Coburg Coffee taste matching

Our Services


Bespoke Blend Creation

Our bespoke blends are carefully composed to provide a coffee that meets our customers needs, and tastes delicious.


Searching for something different? 

If you’re looking for a distinctive coffee taste that represents your brand and ethos, let us create a coffee that is exclusive to you.


Come and visit our tasting room at our site in Woolwich, where, together, we will sample coffee to discover a taste profile that works for you.  


Whether it’s a fresh and fruity coffee, a more traditional chocolatey coffee with a twist or maybe you want to layer a coffee with different flavours, we can help create the perfect coffee for you.


A blend to be proud of, you can even take a sample roast away for taste test purposes before making that final decision.

Coburg Coffee - cup tasting coffee & quality test coffee
Coburg Coffee taste matching
Coburg Coffee - Coffee cup being served
Coburg Coffee hands holding kraft coffee bag
Coburg Bespoke Blend Creation


Coffee Matching

For whatever reason, sometimes a change of coffee supplier is the order of the day. And when this happens, maintaining consistency of your coffee is key.


Here at Coburg we can help you with this:


If you know your current coffee recipe, coffee matching can be very easy; just like baking a cake. It might go like this, 10% Colombian Arabica 80% Peruvian Arabica and 10% Vietnam Robusta roasted to colour 107.


Not every roaster is happy to share this information. Instead, simply send us a 500g sample of your coffee beans. We start by tasting the sample, cupping your coffee and seeking out taste and characteristics of certain growing regions. 


Then, we look at the size and shape of the coffee to determine its coffee grade. Examining the quality of bean for defects, inspecting its shape for differences between Arabica and Robusta and finally, using specialist equipment, determine the roast colour.


At the end of this process, you would receive a matching taste profile coffee. Rest assured you and, most importantly, your customers will not be able to tell the difference. What’s more we’ll also provide a competitive price for its supply.


Your Brand 

If you already have a coffee brand and want to take things to the next level, trust our experience and knowledge to identify and develop gaps in the market that you may not yet have explored.


You might be: 

  • A coffee wholesaler selling into coffee shops. But, have you considered retail packs for your coffee shop client to sell on to their customers to brew at home?


  • Did you know we also supply private label tea? Providing another way to expand your product offer further.


  • What about online web sales?
    Do you have a brand that works online?


​These are just a few things we can help you with.


  • Maybe you need a tiered range offering.


  • Entry level value range for price conscious consumer.


  • A mid range, good quality all-round offering to suit the masses.


  • Or a luxury offer of single estate coffees for the coffee connoisseur.


Here at Coburg, we have everything that your coffee business could possibly need.

Coburg_Coffee - Kraft coffee bags on shelf
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We ensure you're serving the right coffee for your market. 

Coburg Coffee bag being filled with beans

Want to create your own coffee brand

coburg Coffee: green unroasted coffee beans in sack
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