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Private Label


White Label, Private Label or Bespoke?

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Private Label

Ideal for an established coffee brand looking to take the next step


With Private Label coffee you can get more creative. Your coffee packaging could feature printed bags, shaped labels and bespoke laminates with the option to create bespoke roasted coffees - great for next step-up coffee businesses that already have an established coffee brand and want to take it to the next level.


When you upgrade from White Label to Private Label, minimum order quantities apply, meaning volume commitments will be agreed.

Bespoke Coffee Blends

If you want a coffee that no one else has?


Something that your customers cannot buy or experience anywhere else – let us guide you through the process.


Imagine coffee roasting to be like creating a new recipe and the final results having millions, even billions, of outcomes. How? Because, with over 20 different growing countries to choose from and 100s of different farms within that country you already have thousands of options. Then, factor in the opportunity to blend these different coffees by varying the percentage of each coffee. Add to this the possible roasting colours and roasting taste profiles and you see how easy it is to create that exclusive coffee blend.


Once your bespoke blend is agreed, complement with your own brand design and the possibilities are endless. The team here at Coburg Coffee will guide you through the entire process to create a coffee and branding to be proud of for many years to come.

White Label

Ideal for start-up businesses

If you want to dip your toe in the water (or the coffee!) and trial coffee sales without committing to large volume orders, White Label coffee is an excellent solution.


Coburg Coffee holds stock coffees that are roasted week in and week out.  Choose one of these coffees and brand it as your own. You’ll receive a personally designed coffee label added to a pre-made bag with colour and design to suit your needs.


There is no large capital outlay and you have the option to order as little as one box of coffee beans (6 kg) at a time.

Coburg_Brand_Sample_Bespoke Printed bag
Coburg_Brand_Sample_Label on white bag

Private Label Nespresso® Capsules

Great tasting coffee in a handy Nespresso® Capsule and packaged with your own logo.

Coburg Coffee Private label Nespresso® pods are an effective way to elevate your brand as well as boost recognition and build your customer base. We can provide an easy and affordable way to customise Nespresso® compatible* capsules for your business.


Offer your customer convenience and mess free, perfect results every single time. Our capsule is compatible with all original Nespresso® machines unlike other aluminium capsules.


Coburg Coffee Company has the experience to ensure your Nespresso® compatible* capsules exceed your customer’s expectations for quality and flavour.


Fully recyclable 

Every bit of the capsule's packaging is fully recyclable from the aluminium pods & lids, through to the cardboard sleeve and even the coffee grounds can be added to your food waste bin for composting.  


Environmentally friendly

Unlike plastic pods our aluminium capsules and lids are 100% recyclable. It takes less energy to recycle and reuse aluminium than it does to produce new making it the ultimate sustainable material.


Our Aluminium capsules protect the coffee contents from contaminants such as moisture and light, locking in the freshness and consistently produce the finest tasting and aromatic coffees when used in coffee machines.


Low minimum order quantities

We are committed to providing high-quality coffee capsules at competitive prices. You don‘t have to order thousands of them either, with low minimum order quantities you can have your own custom packaging from as little as 30 sleeves (30O capsules).

Coffee Capsules

* Suitable for drop through machines only. Excluding capsules for professional, 'built-in' and Vertuo models.



Private Label Nespresso® Capsules

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