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Sustainable Packaging



Recyclable Packaging

Our 100% recyclable coffee bags are a hard flexible plastic made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This is a safe material that can be easily reused and recycled (Level 4).

Instead of the traditional three to four layers, these coffee bags have just two. They use less energy and raw material during production, and proper disposal is much easier for the end-user. 

Our LDPE packaging options are available, in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

Coffee packaging made from LDPE is easy to recycle and can be dropped off at most recycling facilities & supermarkets.


Coburg Coffee offer a variety of sustainable packaging solutions and we can advise you on the most eco-friendly option.


Compostable Bags

This packaging has a natural texture with a paper like finish, ideal if you don't want the plastic look & feel of our Recyclable packaging.


Our compostable bags can compost in less than 90 days in commercial composting facilities. They are made entirely with certified materials after the EU standard EN13432.

(EN13432 requires the compostable plastic to disintegrate within 12 weeks and completely degrade within 6 months.) 


All our compostable materials are certified compostable, so they have been tested for biodegradation. They do not leave micro-plastics behind.



Why you should switch

By switching to recyclable or biodegradable coffee packaging, it demonstrates that you are making an effort to be more sustainable and help prevent further damage to the environment. 


If you think it will be too expensive - think again! 

Our sustainable packaging options won't cost you any more and with over two billion cups of coffee drunk around the world each day, making the switch helps to ensure that less waste ends up in local landfills. 


We only have one earth and together we can make a change, one eco-friendly package at a time! 


We can help you create a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging approach that boosts your brand and products without boosting your costs.

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Whats stopping you?

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