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Seasonal Coffees


Seasonal Coffees

Introducing our new range of seasonal coffees from Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

These delicious new limited edition coffees won't be around for long so order yours today! 


Papua New Guinea

Korofeigu Co-op 

The Korofeigu Farmer's Cooperative Society is located in the Benabena Valley of the Eastern Highlands, between Goroka to the west and Henganofi to the east. Farming an area of 112 hectares. The mountainous and moist cultivation area has loamy soil and a variety of native shade trees. Annual production is around 1.6 containers.


In early 1945, as the war in New Guinea was subsiding, four village plots in the Korofeigu area were identified by the administration for coffee planting by the villages.


Cupping notes: Caramel / Citrus / Savory / Full Bodied.

Process: Washed / Sun dried

Altitude: 1,400-1,900 (MASL)

Harvest: April to September

Composition: 100% Arabica


El Salvador

Finca San Antonio 

Located in el Cerro San Jacinto, just in the border of San Salvador, Finca San Antonio Amatepec is a unique place with luxurious forrest of Pine and Inga trees,a very harmonious climate to grow coffee.


The farm has been Rainforest Certified since 2009 with a very high compliance score (91.01%, 94.25%, 97.62% and in the year 2013 it scored 98.12%. Their social and environmental policy, their workers treatment and the excellent relationship with the local communities, confirms that this farm is one of the most progressive farms in El Salvador.


Cupping notes: Chocolate / Caramel / Smooth Body.
Process: Washed / Sun dried
1,250 – 1,700
100% Arabica



Womens Zongolica

Zongolica is characterised by its rich ancestral culture, as majority of the habitants identify as members of the Nahuas indigenous group. Through many years, Nahuas have been preserving their language and cultural wisdom about plants, rivers, animals, mountains and the universe with tales and stories from grandparents to the new generation. Coffee plantations in this region are agroecosystems, which due to their structure and procurement preserve local biodiversity.

Cupping notes: Balanced, Medium Body, High Sweetness.

Process: Washed / Sun dried

Altitude: 1,250-1,700 (MASL)

Composition: 100% Arabica


Dominican Republic

Barahona AA

In Barahona there are currently 12,000 hectares of coffee grown in 4 municipalities: Paraiso, Enriquillo, Polo and Barahona, with 2,600 growers.

Due to Barahona’s proximity to the Caribbean Sea and an accidentally topography, coffee harvesting begins in August and finishes in February. The distribution of rain all year long and sunshine allows for 4-5 blooming of varying intensities which in turn makes coffee growers and pickers return five to six times, on average, to the same tree.

Cupping notes: Sweet / Full bodied / Medium Acidity

Process: Wet Method

Altitude: 600 - 1,100 (MASL)

Harvest: August to February

Composition: 100% Arabica


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